TRACKtheCLICK Script Injection Vulnerabilities

From: BrainRawt (
Date: 10/11/03

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    To: <>
    Date: Sat, 11 Oct 2003 01:32:25 -0500
  TRACKtheCLICK Script Injection Vulnerabilities
     Discovered By Chris Rahm (aka: BrainRawt) (

     About TRACKtheCLICK:
     A perl coded CGI that tracks your email, ezine, banner, and web site
     links. TRACKtheCLICK outputs log information to a data file that in
     return is viewable in an organized HTML format through the use of
     another CGI called admin.cgi.

     TRACKtheCLICK can be downloaded from the following address.

     Vulnerable Version:
     Version 1.0

     Vendor Contact:
     10-5-03 - Emailed
     10-10-03 - No Response

     Due to a lack of filtering in click.cgi, scalars $agent and $referer are
     vulnerable to script injection. An individual can inject malicious code
     to the data file by spoofing their User-Agent: and/or Referer:. When the
     data file is opened by admin.cgi, the injected code will be executed by
     that persons browser.


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