Re: Another ZEUS Server web admin XSS!
Date: 05/30/03

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    Date: 30 May 2003 15:06:56 -0000
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    Zeus Technology, 30th May 2003.
    "Another ZEUS Server web admin XSS!" vendor response

    On May 29th 2003, a cross-site-scripting attack against
    the Zeus
    Administration Server was reported on bugtraq (incident
    "Another ZEUS
    Server web admin XSS!").

    Zeus Technology has investigated this report and
    confirm that a cross-
    site-scripting exploit is possible under very limited
    conditions. This
    vulnerability is present in Zeus Web Server version
    4.2r2 and earlier.
    Zeus have product patches which will be available
    shortly through Zeus's
    support channel (

    These patches will be included in the next revision of
    Zeus Web Server
    (4.2r3) when it is released.

    Zeus Technology continue to advise that the
    Administration Server is
    shut down when not in use as a matter of routine.

    Zeus Technology work closely with customers,
    evaluators, security
    professionals and other researchers to ensure its
    products are secure
    and free from defects. Any security-related comments
    received at, or through any other means are
    treated with the
    utmost attention. Zeus Technology regret that the
    researcher published
    details of the exploit before contacting Zeus and
    allowing Zeus to
    prepare and distribute a fix.

    Zeus Technology Ltd
    Security Response Team                      
    Universally Serving the Net
    Tel:+44(0)1223 525000  Fax:+44(0)1223 525100  
    Zeus House, Cowley Road, Cambridge, CB4 0ZT, ENGLAND

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