Microsoft Solution for Securing Wireless LANs now available

From: Michael Howard (
Date: 05/16/03

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    Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 20:50:29 -0700
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    Microsoft is pleased to announce the release of _Solution for Securing
    Wireless LANs_.

    This prescriptive guide addresses today's wireless network
    vulnerabilities, and provides a reference implementation of certificate
    services for securing WLANS, which is suited for organizations of
    several hundred to many thousands of wireless network users. The
    reference implementation is derived from Microsoft's own use of PKI for
    securing the WLAN for its 55,000 employees, and best practices learned
    while aiding customers with their own secure WLANs.

    The solution is divided into the following components:

            - Secure WLAN Strategy
            - Secure WLAN Solution Architecture
            - Designing PKI
            - Designing RADIUS infrastructure
            - Designing WLAN Security using 802.1x

            - Implementing PKI
            - Implementing RADIUS for WLAN Security
            - Implementing WLAN Security Using 802.1x

            - Managing PKI
            - Managing RADIUS and WLAN

    The documentation also includes a Test Guide that outlines the overall
    test strategy used by Microsoft to validate the solution, spreadsheets
    for cost and risk analysis, and a project model.

    You can download _Solution for Security Wireless LANs_ from:

    Cheers, Michael
    Writing Secure Code 2nd Edition

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