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From: Eyal Udassin (
Date: 02/13/03

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    From: "Eyal Udassin" <>
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    Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 16:52:35 +0200

    The following tools are available at for free

    ITR (Interactive TCP Relay)
    This tool provides a security-testing environment for non-HTTP
    Client/Server applications, similar to that provided by interactive HTTP
    When started, ITR operates as a simple TCP tunnel, listening on a
    specific port, and forwarding all the traffic to the remote host and
    port. By configuring the client to treat the ITR as its server, all
    traffic between a client and a server can be tunneled and logged. The
    true power of ITR, however, lies in its ability to intercept and edit
    the traffic passing through it. When invoking intercept mode, the ITR
    stops every message sent through it (client to server and/or server to
    client). The traffic can then be edited freely, providing a comfortable
    environment for testing Client/Server applications. The editing of
    messages is performed using a built-in comfortable HEXA Editor. To
    provide support and compatibility for various systems, the ITR can
    operate both its logs and HEXA editor using different types of character
    encodings, such as ASCII or EBCDIC.

    BOU (Buffer Overflow Utility)
    BOU is a command-line utility that enables the user to check for buffer
    overflows on Web Server Applications. Written in Java, BOU quickly
    uncovers suspected buffer overflow problems in HTTP requests, and
    supports both the GET and POST methods.

    Mapper helps you map the files, file parameters and values of any site
    you wish to test. Simply browse the site as a normal user while
    recording your session with Achilles (Mapper supports other proxies as
    well), and run Mapper on the resulting log file. Mapper will create an
    Excel CSV file that will allow you to study the directory and file
    structure of the site, the parameter names of every dynamic page
    encountered (such as ASP/JSP/CGI), and their values for every time you
    requested them. This tool helps you to quickly locate design errors and
    parameters that may be prone to SQL Injection or parameter tampering
    problems. Mapper also supports non-standard parameter delimiters and
    MVC-based web sites.

    Eyal Udassin
    Application Security Consultant
    WebCohort Ltd.

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