Re: **maillist:: Outlook S/MIME Vulnerability

From: Thomas Seliger (
Date: 09/03/02

Date: Tue, 03 Sep 2002 16:06:39 +0200
From: Thomas Seliger <>

Since the failure of checking certificate chain correctly seems to be
buried deeper in windows (maybe in some DLL? some info from microsoft
would be greatly appreciated, but their security offensive seems to be
hot air anyway), i could imagine more possibilities to exploit it:

* certificates of components:
anyone tried to spoof the certificates of components (like plugins) that
are installed if you click on them?

* certificates used for IPSec authentication:
windows 2000 includes a IPSec implementation, authentication can be done
by certificates. If i remember correctly, you can define a CA that is
signing your IPSec partners, so that you can trust the IPSec connection
partner. Can you spoof that also?

Thomas Seliger