Re: Microsoft releases critical fix that breaks their own software!

Date: 06/14/02

Date: 13 Jun 2002 22:20:24 -0000
From: <>

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>Check the conditions pivx lists here:
> to make sure its being executed
>as we did.
>This has been reported by over 100 users, and duplicated by PivX lab
>monekys on Window2k 95 and 98.

Might I suggest that this is a misconfiguration by the folks at PivX? IE
6, and WMP 7.1, on a WinMe box has no problem with it. There is an option
to set a DEFAULT proxy. This would cause the behavior you described, as
would simply enabling the proxies, and setting a Gopher proxy (the
HTTP/FTP fields are automatically filled in with bogus addresses when
proxies are first enabled). It appears as though your find is your own
error, rather than any problem with the workaround. It is interesting,
though, MS appears to have simply ripped off the Online Solutions
workaround that's been floating around for a few weeks.