Re: Microsoft releases critical fix that breaks their own software!

Date: 06/14/02

Date: 13 Jun 2002 22:08:47 -0000
From: <>

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>What classic MS, their newest critical alert dealing with the Gopher Root
>Vulnerability discussed on Security Focus last week
>[] seems to break windows media
>Is there any validity to this- and, does their fix work?
>More info on the microsoft critical alert:
>More info on the breakage:

Not a bit of validity to this; WMP 7.1 successfully initialized and did
not give any errors (fresh install), with the Gopher proxy set to
localhost:1. BTW I don't think it was MS that proposed the proxy
workaround, that was Online Solutions ( that did
that. I sent an e-mail to PivX concerning a *multitude* of inaccuracies
and omissions from their "Gopher Smoker" workaround. No response from
PivX on that. I will have to investigate this, but doesn't installing
such a fix like "Gopher Smoker" invalidate support contracts?