Vulnerability in Apache Tomcat v3.23 & v3.24 (part 2)

Date: 05/29/02

Date: 29 May 2002 13:32:29 -0000
From: <>

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Procheckup Ltd

Procheckup Security Bulletin PR02-06

  Description: Tomcat realPath.jsp gives location of web
         Date: 8/1/2002

  Application: Apache Tomcat Java server versions 3.23 and
     Platform: Linux/Unix
     Severity: Remote attackers can obtain the location of
      Authors: Richard Brain []
Vendor Status:
CVE Candidate: Not assigned


Tomcat is the free opensource Java server,

A example program is provided with tomcat under the
http://webserver/test directory which gives the location of
the webroot.

The test page of "http://webserver/test" displays the
following message :-
"This is the home page of the test hierarchy. It doesn't do
too much good to look at it directly... Instead, why don't
you run the tests to find out what you might want to know.

Oh, by the way, merry christmas.. :)"

The vulnerabilities may only work on port 8080 rather than
port 80, dependant on how the webserver has been configured
with Tomcat.

A) Requesting the following url :-

Displays the following:-
The virtual path is /test/realPath.jsp

The real path is "WEBROOT"/test/test/realPath.jsp

The real path is "WEBROOT"/test/realPath.jsp

    Delete the realPath.jsp program.

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