RE: Trendmicro - Interscan - List of BCC: is revealed when stripping attachments and notifying destination addresses

From: Florent Trupheme (
Date: 04/25/02

From: Florent Trupheme <>
To: "Ishay Sommer" <>, <>
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 10:25:55 +0200

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The current version for interscan solaris is 1207 and correct your


>> -----Message d'origine-----
>> De : Ishay Sommer []
>> Envoye : mercredi, 24. avril 2002 10:49
>> A :
>> Objet : Trendmicro - Interscan - List of BCC: is revealed when
>> stripping attachments and notifying destination addresses
>> Hello.
>> This email was sent to over a week ago,
>> so far, no response.
>> In the company that I work for, we use -InterScan Version
>> 3.6-Build_1142, for
>> stripping of unwated attachments, "Spam".
>> No other versions have been tested.
>> Our sys admin has configured the mail scanner, to notify all
>> destination addresses of a message containing such attachments, of
>> the "Spam" alert. Meaning, that if I send a bad content message to
>> 10 recipients, all of them receive
>> a "Spam" alert.
>> The problem is that, each one of the recipients receives to his
>> mailbox the spam warning message,
>> including all addresses of which the original message was sent to,
>> even if they were sent as Bcc:
>> For example:
>> **************** eManager Notification *****************
>> The following mail was blocked since it contains sensitive
>> content.
>> Source mailbox: <ME>
>> Destination mailbox(es): <RCPT1>,<RCPT2>,<RCPT3>
>> Policy: Attachment Removal
>> Attachment file name: accident.mpg - video/mpg
>> Action: Replaced with text
>> The email was stripped from its attachment, since it doesn't
>> comply with <ISP>'s Email Policy as can be viewed by <ISP>'s
>> employees....
>> ******************* End of message *********************
>> This is a serious security disclosure vulnerability, as all of the
>> message's recipients, now have all
>> the email addresses who were suppose to be kept secret.
>> I wish to publish this vulnerability on Bugtraq, after providing
>> you with sufficient time to correct the problem, based on your
>> response, and our communication.
>> Thank you
>> Ishay Sommer

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