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Date: 04/18/02

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Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 18:10:14 +0100

HiverCon 2002 - Call For Papers - issued 17/04/02

Papers and presentations are now being accepted for HiverCon 2002,
which is being held from 26th-27th November, 2002 at the Hilton Hotel,
Dublin, Ireland.

Papers and requests to speak will be accepted until the 6th of
September and reviewed from then until September 27th, 2002.

HiverCON 2002 is the first annual security conference to visit
Dublin. Created to fill the gap of deep knowledge computer
security conferences. Aimed at the security concious programmer,
admin and consultant, HiverCON avoids introductionary talks to
focus on advanced and prominent security topics. By grouping
together the leading minds in the computer security field for
an intense two day conference, HiverCon brings the latest and
freshest ideas and solutions to the table. Highlighting new
threats and new defenses.

When submitting papers to Hivercon please adhere to the following

   * We will not accept ANY sales pitches.

   * If you are doing a demonstration we will need a entire list
     required hardware and software. We will try and accommodate
     your needs or come to some arrangement to facility your talk.

   * When referencing any external material in your presentation
     please supply an appendix with links to the relevant material.

   * As HiverCon will be supplying a CD to all conference goers, we
     request that you provide a copy of your presentation and any
     software you may be demonstration along with all meterial
     reference in your talk for inclusion on the CD.

   * We expect the chosen speakers to be present and available during
     the lunches and reception in order to meet and talk with the

Please submit an outline on a topic of your choice which deals with
either the problems or solutions surrounding one of the following
broad categories. The examples given in the following topics are to
give you ideas and direction; it is not the ultimate list of topics.

Topics of interest;

 - Wireless Security
 - Intrusion Detection
 - Privacy & Anonymity
 - Firewall Technologies
 - Aplication Security
 - Incident Response and Computer Forensics

Talks will be 45 minutes in length. Speakers will need to allow
time for a short (approx. 5 mins) Q&A session at the end of their

Submissions should be in one of the following formats:

- Microsoft 97, 2k, XP,
- PDF,
- Post Script
- plain text.

Please include the following details;

   1. What topic you are submitting your paper under.
   2. A brief biography on why you are qualified to speak on your
      topic. This will be used on as well
      as in any press material for the conference
   3. You may speak on behalf of your company or yourself. If you
      are speaking under a company, please specify what company it
      is you work for.
   4. A valid email address and telephone number where you can be
   5. How many people will be presenting**.

**NOTE: Hivercon will only pay for one hotel, airfare, and speaking
fee per presentation. Please see below for more details.

Submissions should be sent to

We will attempt to accommodate most hardware requests if it enhances
your presentation. Current hardware made available to speakers include:
LCD projectors, overhead projectors, slide projectors, and wireless
network access. We will make a reasonable attempt to accommodate
equipment/services requests but we do not guarantee the availability
of any additional equipment.

If your talk requires any sort of demonstration we encourage you to
set up a network (machines can be provided at cost) and have each
machine projecting on one of the LCDs. Audience members will then be
able to follow what is occurring on each node as the talk progress,
or the speaker may provide different information on different screens.

Also a speaker honourarium of 1000 Euros will be paid for each talk.

Please forward any additional resource questions to

Talks will be reviewed in bulk at the submission deadline through a
three round system. Speakers will be contacted if there are any questions
about their presentations. If your talk is accepted you can continue to
modify and evolve it up until the 5th November 2002, at which time it is
frozen for burning to the conference goers CDs.

NOTE: a version of the presentation must be submitted by 12th November
2002 for inclusion in the printed conference papers. These deadlines are
not negotiable and failure to meet deadlines deadline will result in your
being replaced.

Talks that are more technical or reveal new vulnerabilities are of more
interest than a review of material covered many times before. We are
striving to create a high-end technical conference and any talk that helps
in this goal will be given extra consideration.

By speaking at HiverCon you are granting HiverCon permission to reproduce,
distribute, advertise, and show your presentation on

HiverCon will pay for one economy class roundtrip airfare and one hotel room
for two nights - 25th, 26th or 26th, 27th depending on the scheduling of
talk at the Hilton Hotel.

Once you have been accepted, you will be contacted by us to make hotel and
travel arrangements. Please make sure that you include an email address and
telephone number where you can be reached as well as having a valid passport
for travel. You privacy will be maintained in whatever ways you choose.

Please visit for information, and speeches. Updated
announcements will be posted to news groups, security mailing lists, email,
and this web site when available.

Registration will open on shortly.

HiverCon 2002 will take place on November 26th and 27th 2002 at the Hilton
Hotel, Dublin. See for more information.

 Hilton Conrad Dublin
 Earlsfort Terrace
 Dublin, 2
 Tel: 353-1-602-8900 Fax: 353-1-676-5424


 Call For Papers opened 17th April 2002
 Call For Papers closed 6th September 2002
 Submission of complete talk material for CDs 5th November 2002
 Final submission of paper for printing 12th November 2002
 HiverCon 2002 Day 1 26th November 2002
 HiverCon 2002 Day 2 27th November 2002

See for more information.

Please email me if you have any questions, comments or requests.
And thank you for your time,

Mark Anderson <>

(C) Copyright HiverCon 2002