Re: Why is Microsoft watching us watch DVD movies?

From: Just Marc (
Date: 02/23/02

Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2002 16:45:56 +0200
From: Just Marc <>
To: Konrad Rieck <>

 | In my opinion the above information are not sufficient to generate profiles
 | about individuals, although they allow the generation of general statistics.
 | But this is rather normal for a database service. ;)

 It is not normal in this case, because the database is certainly *not*
needed, The user knows what DVD is in his drive, the chapters are mapped,
menued and named. There is absolutely no need for accessing an external
db. Therefore it smells like they are doing it for their own statistics
which I don't think is just, especially because the user cannot turn this
behaviour off, It should be the choice of the user, and it should be
turned off per default.


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