Re: [Global InterSec 2002012101] DeleGate Application Proxy - Multiple Vulnerabilities

From: KOJIMA Hajime (
Date: 02/08/02

From: (KOJIMA Hajime)
Date: Fri, 08 Feb 2002 17:16:51 +0900

In <017801c1b065$ba68f270$0b01a8c0@tomh61ib59mm58>,
"Global InterSec Research" wrote:
| As with many of the vulnerabilities in DeleGate, a SIGSEGV occurs
| when attempting to strcpy() unexpectedly long strings.
| In spite of attempts DeleGate makes to randomise the stack, we
| were successful in overwriting the Extended instruction pointer.
| Although the stack randomisation functions make things harder, they
| do not make arbitrary command execution impossible.

  And, delegate has execve(2) trap (-Tx). Can you break it?

- kjm