Re: Stack overflow in all Internet Explorer Versions!!

From: Jonathan G. Lampe (
Date: 12/03/01

Date: Mon, 03 Dec 2001 11:03:42 -0600
To: "tsr" <>,
From: "Jonathan G. Lampe" <>

Not sure this is a big deal for patched browsers.

In IE 5.5 (w/ sp 2 + Q306121) and IE 6.0 (w/ Q312461) I either got a "Stack
overflow at line: X" message in a dialog box or an "Out of memory at line:
X" message in a dialog box using the example scripts distributed by
tsr/Flash. IE never crashed, nor did any of my machines. Furthermore, I
tested normal Javascript in the same browsers which just experienced the
stack overflows and observed no problems.

- Jonathan Lampe,

At 12:54 PM 12/2/2001, you wrote:
>I found a stackoverflow in all Internet Explorers!
>I put an example as Attachmend.
>I found the bug when i programming with JavaScript and the Function
>Workaround: Disable JavaScript.