Brute-Forcing Web Application Session IDs

Date: 11/13/01

Date: Tue, 13 Nov 2001 09:52:53 -0500
Subject: Brute-Forcing Web Application Session IDs
Message-ID: <3BF0ED75.4920.5548D03@localhost>


iDEFENSE Labs has released a paper entitled "Brute-Force
Exploitation of Web Application Session IDs." It covers the basics
of brute-forcing web applications through guessing or reverse
engineering state session IDs which are often used for
authentication purposes. Several examples are shown using some
familiar web sites and applications on how stealing or mimicking a
legitimate user's credentials is possible. All relevant vendors and
site administrators were informed responsibly before publication.

The paper is available at

David Endler
Director, iDEFENSE Labs