Downloading individual patch for MS01-054

From: Eric (
Date: 11/02/01

Message-Id: <>
Date: Fri, 02 Nov 2001 14:05:01 -0800
From: Eric <>
Subject: Downloading individual patch for MS01-054

The latest security bulletin (MS01-054) provides links to WindowsUpdate to
obtain the patches for WindowsME and WindowsXP. To obtain access to the
patch file without applying the patch to your system, use the following steps:

(Please note that the steps below must be performed from a system running
the Operating System in question)

1) go here:
2) Click on "Personalize Windows Update" under Other Options in the left
nav column.
3) Select to "Display the link to the Windows Update Catalog under See Also"
4) Click the Save Settings" button in the upper right corner of that window
5) "Windows Update Catalog" will now appear in the left nav under See
Also. Click this link.
6) In the main window, select "Find updates for Microsoft Windows operating
7) Highlight the product you'd like to see patches for. (in this case,
Windows XP Professional) and click the search button in the bottom right
corner of that screen.
8) Click on "Critical Updates and Service Packs" in the main window.
9) Locate the patch you'd like to obtain and click the Add button.
10) Click the "Go to Download Basket" button
11) Complete the text box for "Type or browse to the download location of
your choice:"
12) Click the "Download Now" button.

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