Re: bug w2k

From: Carl Livitt (
Date: 07/28/01

From: Carl Livitt <>
Subject: Re: bug w2k
Date: Sat, 28 Jul 2001 11:25:20 +0100
Message-Id: <01072811234300.00540@europa>

> Just ping
> Now press F7 and Enter (try a couple of times quickly...less than ten , and
> you can see what a meaning)
> The machine reboots, from nothing a warm reboot.

Confirmed on Win2K Pro SP2, English. The reboot would not happen when there
was no ping process. As soon as a ping was in progress, *boom*.

I did notice there was a STOP, Fatal Error blue screen that appeared briefly,
but I could not catch what it said before the machine rebooted. Perhaps
someone else will have more luck?

Does anyone know: is the F7 key (used in CMD.EXE as to bring up a
most-recently-used command list) implemented in kernel or user space? If its
in user space, then this is a doubly worrying bug as it hints that it would
be possible for a non-privileged user to write code that could cause a BSOD
and reboot. If it's in kernel space, well I just hope that this situation is
not caused by an unchecked buffer....

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