RE: permission probs with Arkeia

From: Thomas Broniecki (
Date: 07/25/01

From: "Thomas Broniecki" <>
To: <>
Subject: RE: permission probs with Arkeia
Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 16:51:31 -0500
Message-ID: <000201c11553$f7af1540$>

Yup, The /usr/knox/arkeia/dbase is a directory tree structure for all the
backup routines and I too can access files as a non-privileged user. I have
looked for actual file names in the dbase/ directory, but haven't found any
in plain text yet. Although I could view my directory structures, library
information files, DAT pack information files, and master id number. Scary
for sure.

Non the less, if you have active non-privileged users on the backup server,
those permissions stink. There shouldn't be anyone viewing directory
information or anything else for that matter regarding backups. I don't
allow any other user on my backup server, no need to. Until Knox fixes this,
deny non-privileged users on the box if you can.

At any case, Knox needs to fix this issue. If anything, drastically limit
the access to only root or a privileged backup account.


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> Subject: Re: permission probs with Arkeia
> I have tested this and I can read the contents of all
> database files as
> an unprivileged user in our ARKEIA servers. So if I can get all
> directory information from the ARKEIA backup trees, and I can get the
> filenames from the database files, then I can launch specific exploits
> to grab the files that I am interested in...dangerous,
> considering that
> most cracking takes place from within the company according
> to published
> stats.
> -Bryan

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