RE: Putty; Win7; IE8

PuTTY uses a different command line syntax and case is important:

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Hi All,

I REALLY hope someone here can help me. I have been trying to setup a
SSH tunnel so that when I surf the net on my laptop I can SSH into my
Ubuntu box at home and go through that for web page traffic.

Now I tried to connect to Ubuntu@home from laptop running Win7 with:

putty -ssh -l username -P 443 -D 8080 -v

and the connection establishes just fine, but when I surf to I get a different WAN IP to my Ubuntu WAN IP. Weird, so
after a lot or trying different things (IE7, Chrome etc) I rebooted that
same laptop into Ubuntu as well and issued the exact same command but
not using putty

ssh -l username -P 443 -D 8080 -v

Now it works like a charm, so I am thinking its something specific to
Win7 or Putty. But I am at the limit of my trouble shooting. Can someone
please help.

Apparently there are some logs I can attach but not sure if server side
or client?

Also I am thinking tcpdump might help but I don't know enough about it
to use it.

Any and all help gratefully accepted!



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