Re: Unix (pam) authorization with required public key

On Tue, Aug 31, 2010 at 10:51:08AM +0400, ???????? ???????????? wrote:
I want to set ssh authorization through unix/pam with mandatory public
key. I want will make sure that except the password the user has an
acknowledgement of legitimacy in the form of a public key. Thus the
password should be from unix/pam, not from key.

I tried different variants. It turned out with key and without the
password, or the password undertook from a key, instead of from

Public key authentication does not involve a password, and it does not
involve PAM.

If you are attempting to require the use of a passPHRASE on the private
key, then you need to be aware that the private key is only seen by the
ssh client, not the server. The server has no idea whether the key was
passPHRASE protected or not.

Server-side passWORDS have nothing at all to do with public key
authentication, or with the passPHRASES that are used to protect the
private keys.