changing forwarded agent socket path (openssh 5.4)


when I forward a ssh agent to a remote host the corresponding socket
path on the host looks looks like (I use OpenSSH_5.4p1):


Is there a way to replace that with a predefined path?

The reason I need this is that on that host I use a screen program.
The shells running under the screen when I attach to it do not know
about the new socket. They inherit the environment when the screen has
started, not when the connection is made.

To workaround that when I connect I create a symlink like
$HOME/forwarded_agent_socket that points to the real socket and set
SSH_AUTH_SOCK to $HOME/forwarded_agent_socket. That works but it would
be nice if I could avoid this symlink and just make sure that sshd
uses $HOME/forwarded_agent_socket directly.

Regards, Igor

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