Re: SSH works well but scp/rsync hangs!!!!

Le vendredi 25 juin 2010 à 16:54 +0800, Mingfan Lu a écrit :
How to fix broken the path mtu discovery?

Our friend (?) Google found this:


2010/6/25 Michael Hallgren <m.hallgren@xxxxxxx>:
Le vendredi 25 juin 2010 à 13:39 +0800, Mingfan Lu a écrit :
ifIchange the mtu of the interface in M2 from 1500 to 1496, all works ...
So strange

broken pmtud


On Fri, Jun 25, 2010 at 12:18 PM, Andrej <andrej.groups@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
On 25 June 2010 12:45, Mingfan Lu <> wrote:

The former (s1.log) is the strace log when transferring 1405B file
and the later (s2.log) is for 1406B
PS. I can use ssh to login M2 successfully.
*** In M2
scp file M1:/dir
it works well!

Any ideas?
The file size is suspiciously close to the default MTU .. any "odd" routers
along the way that may not like big packets?


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michael hallgren, mh2198-ripe

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