Re: Question about SCP stalling over VPN

First and foremost, thank you to everyone for your responses. I checked the MTU on both sides and it's currently 1500 so I'm assuming it's not a mismatch. My VPN is a pair of old Netscreen 5xp boxes, and I can't find anything relating to MTU or packet size in the configuration, but I'm still looking.

Secondly, to answer your question John, There is no persistent connection between the servers. I could feasibly set up an NFS share between the two but I have a sneaking suspicion that if the problem is some sort of packet mangling by the VPN during file transfers, the actual mechanism used to transfer the file will be irrelevant. However, I will set this up and test it and report back my results, most likely next Monday.

On 3/12/2010 3:41 AM, John Morrison wrote:

If you are using ssh do you need to use scp as well? Or is just plain copy ok?

On 10 March 2010 03:04, Darren Tucker<dtucker@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Matthew Case wrote:
I've looked high and low and haven't really come up with anything
definitive. Someone somewhere had mentioned fiddling with MTU settings, but
I'm not really sure what that will accomplish as I am unfamiliar with what
MTU is and does. If this question has been answered previously, I apologize
ahead of time. Thanks!
This does sound like the MTU problem to which you refer. See for details.

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