Re: chroot & port forwarding

As far as I know, to build a tunnel you must to log on the system...
Here is my sshd_conf:
Match group jailed
ChrootDirectory /home/jail/
X11Forwarding no
AllowTcpForwarding yes
(ok.. only a few lines of him)
The users from the group jailed can log on the system.
That is why I built an chroot enviroment on /home/jail.
I hope help

2010/1/25 Andrew Penhorwood <andrew@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
I have openssh 5.x installed on a CentOS 5.x box.  All is working fine but I
wanted to add port forwarding to my chroot'ed users.  Most users are just
using SFTP that is chrooted to their web directory.  Now I need to give some
users access to MySQL over an SSH tunnel.  When I added the port forwarding
to the chroot'ed users the port forwarding does not work.  If I remove the
chroot the port forwarding works.

Any pointers would be a great help.

Andrew Penhorwood

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