Re: SSH Fingerprint

Yes, this is the expected behavior, and this is what you want it to do.
When the remote box is reset to a default configuration (I'm assuming this
means the existing files are wiped out, such as restored from a firmware
backup), it loses its key

Now, if you wish, you can save the host keys, public key, and private
keys, from the remote box into a secure location, then you can copy them
back in place on the remote box when it is reset to a default

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From: Amit Uttamchandani <amit.uttam@xxxxxxxxx>
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Date: 12/14/2009 05:23 PM
Subject: SSH Fingerprint
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There is a remote box (an embedded system running a proprietary ssh
server) that I log in to for the first time and it generates a key for
acceptance. That is all good. However, every time the network admin
resets the remote box to default configuration the key changes and I
have to manually edit the host file to remove the old key.

Resetting to default config on the box simply just restores the settings
to factory defaults.

Is this expected behavior? What defines a fingerprint?


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