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On Wed, Sep 02, 2009 at 10:34:18PM -0700, Agile Aspect wrote:
The so-called "normal" logging is working - the problem is it's
tragically incomplete.

We store IP information on the server. In addition, it's not
possible to have security without accountability.

The logging of individual file transfers arguably buys you very little
though, because the users are legitimate users who are authenticated.
This is generally quite a different situation from FTP installations,
where often the users are anonymous, and tracking downloads of files
may be interesting from a purely statistical point of view (e.g. how
many downloads of a particular game, application, etc., to determine
its popularity). An individual FTP site may not fall into this
category, but FTP software generally needs to cope with this very
common usage.

With sftp sites, the users are (in some sense) people that you know,
and access to data can and should be carefully regulated via file
system permissions. Users should not be physically able to access
anything they shouldn't have access to, and logging file transfers of
files they legitimately should have access to is in most cases little
more than spying on them.

If your site is *especially* security sensitive, this may be called
for (though, if that's the case, you might also want to re-evaluate
whether you really should be providing file access this way), but most
of the time it probably isn't warranted, and may be considered by
some as an unnecessary invasion of privacy.

Derek D. Martin
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