Re: logging file names with sftp

Agile Aspect wrote:
Hi Darren - thanks for the reply!

The so-called "normal" logging is working - the problem is it's tragically

We store IP information on the server. In addition, it's not possible to have
security without accountability.

I was able to modify sftp-server.c to our needs, i.e., basically log every
sftp command issued - including the names of the files transferred - tagged
with user name and stored in a seperate log file.

If anyone is interested in what I did I would more than happy to share it -
otherwise I won't bore you to death.

I'm curious about what you needed that wasn't provided out of the box.

sftp-server(8) says about loglevel: "INFO and VERBOSE log transactions that sftp-server performs on behalf of the client", and setting this in sshd_config:

Subsystem sftp /usr/local/libexec/sftp-server -f LOCAL7 -l INFO


2009-09-04T11:07:35.660499+10:00 gate sftp-server[24692]: session opened for local user dtucker from []
2009-09-04T11:07:39.723595+10:00 gate sftp-server[24692]: open "/home/dtucker/foo" flags READ mode 0666
2009-09-04T11:07:39.725142+10:00 gate sftp-server[24692]: close "/home/dtucker/foo" bytes read 4763 written 0
2009-09-04T11:07:41.100064+10:00 gate sftp-server[24692]: session closed for local user dtucker from []

Everything you mentioned (user, source IP address, files accessed) is all there. What did you find missing?

In short, I solved the my problem and thanks!

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