Re: Calling User Program

Hi Linux Newbie,

Theres a few ways of doing this.

- You can run a command by adding it to the command line when calling ssh.
ie. ssh <host> "command"
- If you're using keys instead of password authentication you can force
the server to invoke a command by adding "command=<command>" before the
user's key in the .ssh/authorized_keys file
- In sshd_config you can add the line "ForceCommand <command>". You can
wrap this in a "Match" conditional block
- Alter the server-side user's profile or the system-wide profile to
invoke a command upon logging in.


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Calling User Program


I am running sshd (version 5.2.p1) in my embedded platform and I can
succesfully login
from ssh client in remote host.

I like to do some modifications. i.e. After typing username and
password, I want to run a application program directly instead of
prompt. I like to know, which file has to be modified?

Thanks in Advance