Re: A question about ssh RSA key connection

How is your DNS setup? How does this work when you connect with hostnames instead of IP Addresses? Do other two aliases (uplink0:1 and 0:2) have same name as primary interface's?


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Subject: Re: A question about ssh RSA key connection
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Date: Monday, 24 August, 2009, 8:46 AM
Thanks ming for your reply

When I connect to the from ip would
be, but when I try to connect to other servers,
the from
ip became, so this is really refusing me.

2009/8/24 ming.zym@xxxxxxxxx
this is far from a ssh problem, as the connect src
address is selected
by system, mostly by the default routing set, in your
case, there are
many IP in the same vlan/ip space, that will be
choosed to be the first
ip in your ip list, .130 is the first then.

you may use the "-b" option if you really need to set
your src ip

在 2009-08-22六的 12:10 +0800,徐广写道:
I recently met with a problem when trying to set
up ssh connection
through the ssh key

I first create a key through command ssh-keygen -t
rsa -f
/.ssh/pmcftp_id_rsa -P "" , two files would be
created under /.ssh
pmcftp_id_rsa and, then I insert
an entry into the
.pub file -
from=","  this should
restrickt that the ssh key should only work for
sources of these two
Then I push the public key to another server under
~pmcftp/.ssh, after
that, I start the ssh connection through command
ssh -I pmcftp -i.
./ssh/pmcftp_id_rsa <server ip>, the ssh
connection would be set up
without asking for the passwd.
But, when I create the ssh key on a server that
has several ip
address, like following:
ifconfig -a
8232 index 1
         inet netmask ff000000
mtu 1500 index 2
         inet netmask ffffff00 broadcast
mtu 1500 index 2
         inet netmask ffffff00 broadcast
mtu 1500 index 2
         inet netmask ffffff00 broadcast
1500 index 3
         inet netmask ffffff00 broadcast
And added ip  and  into the from ip list
entry in the key file, then I push the ssh key to
server (which should be the same server as
the source)
Then when I try to start the ssh connection
through command ssh -I
pmcftp -i. ./ssh/pmcftp_id_rsa ,
the key does not work
anymore, and the log give info like this
  Authentication tried for pmcftp with correct
key but not from a
permitted host (host=iems196-unit0,
Obviously, here the from ip list does not include
47..154.169.130, and
the ssh connection treate the from ip as not other ips
of this server.
Then I tried another command
Ssh -b  -I pmcftp -i.
./ssh/pmcftp_id_rsa the key works well again.
The -b option is binding the from ip to and it's in the
from ip list in the key file.

how the ip of the from side of the ssh connection
is obtained? When
the from side of the ssh connection has several
ips how would the ip
address be determined by the to side?
Any info would be highly appreciated, thanks in

Best regards



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