Re: can sshclient execute a local command ?

On Martes 21 Julio 2009 12:29:44 J. Bakshi escribió:
Hello list,

I have openssh-client __1:5.1p1-5+b1 installed in my debian box. I have
remote ssh information stored in my .ssh/config file. I have protected one
remote ssh by fwknop. When I need ssh login to that particular sever I have
to open the port with fwknop client installed in my local box. Is there any
option in sshclient so that It can execute a local command ( here the
fwknop obviously ) before doing ssh to that remote server ?


You can do something like that defining some alias on /etc/bashrc

alias ssh="function dossh { fwknop -A \"tcp/22\" -s -D \$1; /usr/bin/ssh -l
myuser \$1; }; dossh "

Then: ssh myhost

Moreover... for more complex expresion... you can add the user parameter as
$2, add if's if you want, or even use the $@ and extract the hostname from the
parameters to use it on fwknop and use the rest of the argument on -A and ssh

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