/var/log/messages internal-sftp time stamp problem


I've compiled and successfully installed openssh 5.2p1, having it
configured to chroot users and log to syslog. It was compiled on two
different systems/platforms (RHEL 5.1/i386 and Fedora10/86_64).

All works perfectly fine except one thing where I am not sure whether
it is my mistake somewhere or some sort of bug: time stams from
internal-sftp subsystem are one hour behind systems clock as if
internal-sftp subsystem would only observe UTC (GMT) time zone without
offset and taking into consideration currently set timezone (for
example mine is now GMT+1).

Is there anything oobvious I could have missed in configuration or it
is just lacking functionality in internal-sftp (by functionality I
would mean observing systems time zone settings - not sure sure if
this is something to do with chrooting)?



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