Re: How to restrict ssh user to the home directory ?

I don't really feell it is possible... It goes a little bit outside
the perimeter of sshd here. You should look more on the system side, a
tool such as SELinux may be able to enforce this kind of possible.

(i don't think it is possible but i'm far from being 100% here, if
somebody disagree with me, please do write it :) )

2009/4/21 J. Bakshi <bakshi12@xxxxxxxxx>

Dear list,

I am running a remote suse server and need to give ssh access to the users who can work on their particular web folder only. The version of ssh server is openssh-5.0p1-21.1

I have already did huge google search but could not find any sshd features which can allow ssh users
to restrict them in their home directory. I have found some documentations where chroot or jailkit is used to achieve this and
these need some more configuration and obviously "chown root:root <home-folder>" . But I need an option which simply restrict ssh users so that they can't browse beyond their home directory. It is also not possible to do "chown root:root <home-folder>" as the folders which are used as home directory are actually web folder under apache htdocs having apache permission.  I don't need sftp but ssh access. Is it really impossible to have this feature through ssh technology ?


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