Re: Can ssh add keys to ssh-agent?

rozelak@xxxxxxxx wrote:
I wanted. As I log-in to svn (and the other servers using the keys)
only time-to-time (basically less often than I log into the computer),
I would like to set the key only when really required. Writing (quite
complicated) password each time I login is not very comfortable (I have
tried it ...)
Hint: some clever shell scripting would solve all your problems...

My shells all use a unified agent which only triggers once the first time I need to ssh (or if the agent is killed/restart or my key was not already loaded for some reason etc..)

Trying to rustle up some l33t profile to do all this is left as an exercise to the reader...

(no you cannot have mine, it's part of my bash profile which is approaching 2000 lines so you can tell I _love_ my shell... :-) )


Hari Sekhon
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