Re: Can ssh add keys to ssh-agent?

Od: "Jeff MacDonald" <jam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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Předmět: Re: Can ssh add keys to ssh-agent?
Datum: 20.3.2009 - 16:12:29

It would allow to use the key once it is needed,
and even GUI-based apps
could set it without the need to switch to console.

Yes, you can do this.. These days, my distro handles
proper setup of ssh-agent
when I log in, but if you want to do it manually, you
can. Simply change your
account startup so it runs "ssh-agent startx" instead
of just "startx" (for

You will still need to do the ssh-add when you first
log in, but after that you
should be good.

Thank you. I know about this possibility, but it is not exactly what
I wanted. As I log-in to svn (and the other servers using the keys)
only time-to-time (basically less often than I log into the computer),
I would like to set the key only when really required. Writing (quite
complicated) password each time I login is not very comfortable (I have
tried it ...).

If a ssh developper could point me where to look at the code, I could
try to hack on it. If you are not against such option, please tell me
where to start.

Best regards,