openssh scp issue on AIX

Hello all:

I posted this a couple of weeks ago with no response, so I'll try again.

I'm using AIX and openssh v5.1 & v5.2

Beginning with v5.1 scp would skip the next file after the non copyable lost+found directory.

Just tried v5.2 this morning with the same result.

I don't see any mention of this anywhere.

There are no errors,

From the -v output it shows it erroring out for the lost+found which I would expect, then it skips completely the next file in the list which would be sysaux.dbf and moves right on to the one after that system_01.dbf

Sink: E
Sink: T1231536995 0 1237215034 0
Entering directory: D0755 0 lost+found
Sink: D0755 0 lost+found
Sink: E
/sshdtest1/lost+found: set times: Not owner
File mtime 1237172441 atime 1237176744
Sending file timestamps: T1237172441 0 1237176744 0
File mtime 1237172441 atime 1237215135
Sending file timestamps: T1237172441 0 1237215135 0
Sink: T1237172441 0 1237176744 0
Sink: T1237172441 0 1237215135 0
Sending file modes: C0644 492838912 system_01.dbf
Sink: C0644 492838912 system_01.dbf

Anyone got any ideas ??????


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