ANNOUNCE: sshd_config and ssh_config graphical editor


I've released a new Config::Model::OpenSsh [1] Perl modules.

Config::Model::OpenSsh provides a graphical editor for:
- /etc/ssh/sshd_config (as root through Augeas)
- /etc/ssh/ssh_config (as root)
- ~/.ssh/config (as regular user)

The OpenSsh configuration editors can be invoked as:
# config-edit-sshd
# config-edit-ssh
$ config-edit-ssh

Since config-edit-sshd is also based on RedHat's Augeas [2], the structure
and comments of file sshd_config will be preserved by the editor.

Edition of ssh_config and ~/.ssh/config do not use Augeas so their
comments and structure are not preserved.

Both editor were designed after a carefull read of sshd_config and
ssh_config man pages, but mistakes are always possible. Thanks to
Config::Model, modifications will be easy to implement. Feel free to
contact Config::Model [3] user's list [4] if the sshd_config or
ssh_config editor needs to be modified.

Last but not least, Debian packages are on their way to Sid/unstable.

All the best


Dominique Dumont
"Delivering successful solutions requires giving people what they
need, not what they want." Kurt Bittner

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