AIX and openssh v5.1

Hello all!

I am using scp to copy a filesystem from one system to another periodically..

After switching to v5.1 I noticed the following behavior.

As oracle I run scp -pr /f1/* system@/f2

When the copy hits the lost+found it skips it because its owned by root but then also skips the following file (alphabetically after lost+found). sysaux_01.dbf

No error message no matter how many v's I use.

if I use scp -p it copies all the files correctly, tho of course not the subdirs.

I found if I put a fake file the is alphabetically after lost+found then all gets copied correctly, except of course the fake file.

I looked thru the digest and did not see any reference to this issue.

I tried it on systems running AIX 5.3 & 6.1 and the issue is between all of them and occurs on push or pull, and between 5.3 systems as well as 6.1 and between a 5.3 and 6.1 system.

Has anyone else run into this?
And if so, is there anything I can do other then hack the script to take this into account or putting fake files in the database filesystem ?


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