RE: Query related to "Plaintext Recovery Attack Against SSH"

For the second option you can install 'fail2band', when a maximum of retrys arribes that ip is banned for a time what you was defined.

I have it installed since two years ago, and work's great!

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Narayana Smaranas,

I read the OpenSSH security advisory about "Plaintext Recovery Attack". But I was not able to get a clear picture of the same.

Can someone explain in detail about this "Plaintext Recovery Attack against SSH" ?

From the above advisory, it appears that there are two approaches that could be adopted, as a solution to this vulnerability;

By enabling of CTR-mode ciphers only.


By configuration of connection retries.(Can somebody provide more details)

If the second approach of connection retries is to be adopted, what is the proposed solution ?

Narayana Smaranas,

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