Re: How to bridge two ssh sessions?

Patrick Debois ....:

You can use netcat in combination with the proxycommand.

Patrick, thanks very much. I think this is very close to what I wanna do,
I think I will use it as a start point. I may need to add some extra
authentication though to make sure that only the clients are connected
that are allowed to.

Peter Künnemann wrote:
Is there somebody here who could point me in the right direction?

I am about to implement a sort of 'ssh bridge' that can be reached
from devices behind a NAS gateway. The Idea is to bridge two
clients in a way that they can talk to each other using ssh tunnels.

Each client should use ssh to connect to a 'bridge server', the
server should then somehow 'connect' these client session and allow
tunneling sessions 'end to end'. The bridging should also be able
to request credentials and/or use some other means of authentication
maybe using rsa keys.

(Client begind NAS) ------( server )-------(Client behind NAS)
SSH -------> <------ SSH

I am currently using ssh and rsa key to establish a session for each
client. The session ends in a shell script (no command shell) that
only allow some specific functions.

The whole thing reminds me on the way TeamViewer seems to have implemented
it but I could not find any clue in the net about how. Any hint would
be very much apreciated.

Thanks, Peter

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