Is writing to om_adj important ?


When I ssh into my Linux server, the login succeeds but I notice that I get the following type of entry appended to the auth.log :

Jan 26 17:10:45 maxv1 sshd[32624]: error writing /proc/self/oom_adj: Permission denied

What are the implications of the sshd not being able to write to the oom_adj ? Ie Is this error significant or should I just ignore it ?

The sshd's write is failing because the server I'm logging into is a VServer guest/virtual server, and the VServer virtualisation technology places restrictions on what can be written to the /proc filesystem from within the guest.

The guest server OS is Debian Lenny and the sshd versions is "1:5.1p1-5". Within the sshd_config Privilege Separation is turned on.

The host server's kernel is Lenny's "linux-source-2.6.26" (version "2.6.26-13") with Lenny's vserver patches applied from "linux-patch-debian-2.6.26" (version "2.6.26-13"). The host's util-vserver package is version "0.30.216~r2772-6". The host's
"vserver-debiantools" package is version "0.6.3".

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