Re: OpenSSH 5.1p1 hanging on transfers

Well, for anyone who ever runs into this or similar issues again, I
figured out what the problem was: my friend's Linksys router. It seems
to be puking while processing TCP streams and it simply stops passing
the packets along. I set up an OpenVPN tunnel with my friend (runs over
UDP) and it's been running great! Kind of crappy that I have to hack it
like this, but we're going to talk to Linksys and see if we can get it


Derek Chen-Becker wrote:
Thanks everyone for the replies. Here are some more details and answers
to some of the questions people have responded with

1. It's hanging on the same file every time, but it will transfer a bit
more each time if I let the rsync timeout and then start it over (I'm
using rsync's partial file support). The strange thing is that the
"delta" of data is different each time; that is, it's not like it hangs
after sending 2MB each time. Sometimes it send 8MB before hanging,
sometimes it hangs after 1MB. The really strange thing is that if I
compare the file size the rsync reports sending vs what the file system
on the remote side reports they don't match up. Some of that may be
unflushed buffers...

2. There are other files that are the same size or slightly larger that
transfer fine

3. I've tested the integrity of the file. These are Dar (backup utility)
archives and when I run the archive integrity check this file is passing.

4. The remote side has large file support enabled. In any case, the
transfer starts hanging around the 200MB mark

One of the interesting things to me is that I see the same behavior when
I use SCP and rsync; as far as I can gather, the only thing these two
have in common is that they use an SSH channel for data transfer. Mark's
comment about an older version of OpenSSL and OpenSSH is interesting. If
I have time I'll try to build older versions to see if that makes it
work. Is there any way to get SSH to log packets or do some other low
level debug logging?