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I think the goal could be achived with a different aproach, chaosonou wants "the ability to run a command on trusted machine remotely" + "don't need to either provide user account or the public key". This seems that he/she wants to automate or mechanize the ssh session, this could be achieved, without reinventing the wheel, using expect
With spect you can control the remote session in a programatic way without loosing security and controlling outputs of your remote commands

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Esteban Dauksis Ortolá

El 17/10/2008, a las 9:09, Kosala Atapattu escribió:

Hi Guys,

This has been a very interesting mailing thread. After all the
discussion I would like to summarize what I grabbed during these

The ultimate goal, can be achived with following other tools...

1. Interestingly with "NETCAT" with -e option

2. Regular RSH with trusted host.

Achieving this through SSH is not logical, since the approach
basically defeats the original purpose of SSH.

Did I miss something?


On Mon, Oct 13, 2008 at 10:54 AM, chaoson <chaosonou@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I'm running openssh-4.3p2.

I need to ability to run a command on trusted machine remotely. So far as I know, we can use two ways to login to remote machine:
1) Provide user name and password
2) Public key authentication

My question is that can we disable the SSH authentication so that we don't need to either provide user account or the public key? Does anyone has the idea? Thanks


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