RE: Disable SSH authentication

# Disallow non-root logins when /etc/nologin exists.
I didn't have that line in my box and didn't bother to verify what '' stands for. Now I checked that /etc/nologin did not
exist in my box (that explains why it worked).

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Hi Sharath,

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Kosala ,

BTW, I'm not the originator of the request... it's chaoson.

You can still use SSH with PAM and skip both password and key
authentication by changing the following entry in /etc/pam.d/sshd file
and commenting other auth entries.

auth sufficient no_warn

i.e. Change the to "sufficient" in the auth category
and comment all others in this category (I guess even commenting other
entries may not be required since we made it "sufficient" but it has to
be the first entry, you can try that out).

I see this in my Ubuntu box.

# Disallow non-root logins when /etc/nologin exists.
account required

The description gives a different definition to


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