Re: Disable SSH authentication

You don't at all need to have a user account with telnet. As you said it's
an I/O redirection through sockets, so you can have written a perl script
or a C program (or anything really that can listen on sockets) that
listens on a sepcified port, and interprets commands send to it through a
telnet client connecting to that port.

You are only talking from client point of view. Obviously you can
connect a telnet client to every server you want but in case you want
a telnet sesion (in order to have a console for running commands) you
connect the telnet client to the telnet server which asks you for
authentication (user/pass).

If you connect a telnet client to a perl script or a C program or
something that listen on sockets you are saying the same as me ! !
Netcat is that server that listen on sockets.

And in my case I also use netcat as a client instead of a telnet client !


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