RE: Disable SSH authentication

Kosala ,

You can still use SSH with PAM and skip both password and key authentication by changing the following entry in /etc/pam.d/sshd file and commenting other auth entries.

auth sufficient no_warn

i.e. Change the to "sufficient" in the auth category and comment all others in this category (I guess even commenting other entries may not be required since we made it "sufficient" but it has to be the first entry, you can try that out).


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As simple as:

server side:
nc -l -p 1234 -e /bin/bash

client side:
nc <destination ip > 1234

cheers !

2008/10/14 Kosala Atapattu <kosala.atapattu@xxxxxxxxx>:
running commands with Netcat... even wierder....

This is not the answer to your question. May be you can try good old
"rsh" with the "hosts.allowed"... In some internal networks (withing
the same net zone) I have used that lot... where security is not much
of a concern.


2008/10/14 Christian Grunfeld <christian.grunfeld@xxxxxxxxx>:

strange question in a ssh discussion list !
May be you can use netcat on both sides with standar input and output
redirected from/to a console.


2008/10/13, chaoson <chaosonou@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

I'm running openssh-4.3p2.

I need to ability to run a command on trusted machine remotely. So far as I know, we can use two ways to login to remote machine:
1) Provide user name and password
2) Public key authentication

My question is that can we disable the SSH authentication so that we don't need to either provide user account or the public key? Does anyone has the idea? Thanks


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