Re: .ssh/known_host file format

On Saturday 20 Sep 2008 2:29:39 am Andri Möll wrote:
J.Bakshi wrote:
Dear list,

I have again come to you to discuss one more thing about ssh server in
debian. The ssh server is running as I have reported earlie rwith
"Listenaddress" option. But when I check the .ssh/known_host file I have
become very surprised. In suse the file listed the hosts with IP address;
but here in debian the file listed the hosts in some encrypted form I
think. For an example one of the host appear as

1|IJgX5SzPVBU+0HMca+9NUwJ7dbs=|L7VrUguJZVpsie0l8gFmWb0D7dw= ssh-rsa
fRshUc+DaXfCJyp3VhNdV0Z3WiMDeUdfMt71r0drNFZ+s+rFZviM= ~~~~~~~~~~~~

Could any one suggest how can I change this to have IP based known_host
file ?


These are hashed hosts.

Check out the HashKnownHosts directive in ssh_config(5).

Many thanks to all of you,
I commented the line ****HashKnownHosts yes**** and now I get the
desired result. Thanks to all of you to point out this.
With best regards.