Re: Debian SSH problem

You should look your /etc/host.deny it probably have the entry "ALL:ALL"

2008/9/17 J.Bakshi <bakshi12@xxxxxxxxx>

Dear list,

I am managing 3 remote server all based on suse. 2 based on suse 10.2 and the
one is based on suse 11.0. SSH are running on those server with out any
problem. I have recently installed debian lenny in my home server. The
openssh version of lenny is

OpenSSH_5.1p1 Debian-2, OpenSSL 0.9.8g 19 Oct 2007

Now if I try to connect that home server I am getting as below

joy@debian:~$ ssh -v
OpenSSH_5.1p1 Debian-2, OpenSSL 0.9.8g 19 Oct 2007
debug1: Reading configuration data /etc/ssh/ssh_config
debug1: Applying options for *
debug1: Connecting to [] port 22.
debug1: Connection established.
debug1: identity file /home/joy/.ssh/id_rsa type -1
debug1: identity file /home/joy/.ssh/id_dsa type -1
ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host

I have never seen such thing in Suse. Could any one kindly suggest me the
reason behind it and how to solve this ?

Many Thanks

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