RE: Deliberately create slow SSH response?

Thought of moving to a different port? Granted, if they
port-sweep your IP, they might find where you've moved off to, but it
will cut WAY down on the hits (especially if you pick something from
the well-known list that is normally innocuous, like, oh, port 1, 70,
179, etc.), and it's a one-line change to your sshd_config (well, that
and training yourself to ssh onto the other port... '-p' or '-P'
options depending on what you're trying to do).


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|> Subject: Deliberately create slow SSH response?
|> This might seem like a strange question to ask, but is there a way to
|> deliberately create a slow response to an SSH request? I'm annoyed at
|> the large number of distributed SSH brute-force attacks on a server I
|> administer, trying to guess the password for 'root' and other accounts.
|> I think that my server is pretty secure; doesn't allow root to log in
|> through SSH, only a restricted number of accounts are allowed SSH
|> access, with I think pretty good passwords. But still, the attempts
|> annoy me.
|> I wouldn't mind if SSH took say 30 seconds to ask me for my password.
|> This would slow the attempts. Is there any way to configure OpenSSH to
|> do this? I searched the archives of this group with 'slow' and 'delay'
|> but didn't come up with anything on this topic. Please point it out to
|> me if I overlooked anything. In addition, I can limit the number of SSH
|> connections to 3-5 and still operate okay.
|> Ultimately, I need this solution for hosts running OpenSSH_3.9p1 under
|> RHEL ES 4 and OpenSSH_4.3p2 under Debian 'etch' 4.0 and Fedora Core 6.
|> Thanks in advance for your advice and suggestions.
|> -Kevin
|> Kevin Zembower
|> Internet Services Group manager
|> Center for Communication Programs
|> Bloomberg School of Public Health
|> Johns Hopkins University
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