Re: SSH VPN trouble

Hi Laci,

I think regardless of the technology you use to connect two networks
(unless bridging two networks?) you'll need them to have different IP
address ranges. Think about it from a routing point of view.

Also, do you mean ? Anything address higher than shouldn't be used as a private network, you should use instead.


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07/07/2008 08:55 PM


SSH VPN trouble

Hi List,

I'm trying to build an SSH VPN based on the Ubuntu howto, but can't get
it done.

After setting up the VPN and trying to connect to the remote host
which is now on my virtual network I realize that I actually connect
to localhost.

This may be because the remote network and the local network are both Do the network adresses of the networks in question
need to differ?

Thanks in advance!

Laci <>