Re: Trouble with agent forwarding


From: Iwan Vosloo <iwan@xxxxxxxxx>
Should it be possible to let agent forwarding work like this "through"
Where do we go to search for the problem?
It certainly was working before...

On Thu, 2008-06-19 at 12:49 -0700, Edmond Baroud wrote:
I guess your problem is that the root ssh public key is not in somename's authorized_keys on machine C.
When you do 'sudo ssh someone@C' you're loading root's profile on the originating box, as if root was launching the ssh command, therefor ssh loads root's public key and tries to authenticate with it on machine C against your remote user's authorized keys.

Well, the idea is not to have root's keys in that user's authorized_keys
on machine C. Only keys from actual developer machines are there - isn't
that the point of agent forwarding? The question is how agent
forwarding behaves under sudo?


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