Re: Pattern specification trouble

Not in ssh_config or sshd_config or ~/.ssh/config. You would put it in the /home/user/.ssh/authorized_keys file right before your key.
Not: Host from=""
Your authorized_keys file with 1 key would look like:
from="," Your_Key_Here(keys are longer than this example of course.).

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Subject: Pattern specification trouble

Hi List,

`man ssh' says:


A pattern-list is a comma-separated list of patterns. Patterns within
pattern-lists may be negated by preceding them with an exclamation mark
(‘!’). For example, to allow a key to be used from anywhere within an
organisation except from the “dialup” pool, the following entry (in
authorized_keys) could be used:



It is confusing to me because it specifies pattern syntax in the context
of authorized_keys. I want to use patterns with the Host directive in

I've tried to use the following directives with no success:

Host ",*"
Host from=",*"

How should I use the damn thing?

Thanks in advance.


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